World Apostolate of Fatima 

A Public Association of the Faithful under thePontificalCouncil of Laity

Archdiocese of Los Angeles
A Public Association of the Faithful under the Pontifical Council of Laity.

The Fifth Apparition of Our Lady of Fatima - September 13, 1917 

As the hour approached, I set out with Jacinta and Francisco, but owing to the crowd around us we could only advance with difficulty. The roads were packed with people, and everyone wanted to see us and speak to us.  There was no human respect whatsoever. Simple folk, and even ladies and gentlemen, struggled to break through the crowd that pressed around us.  No sooner had they reached us than they threw themselves on their knees before us, begging us to place their petition before Our Lady. Other who could not get close to us shouted from a distance:

"For the love of God, "ask Our Lady to cure my son who is a cripple!" Yet another cried out:  "And to cure mine who is blind!...To cure who is deaf!...To bring back my husband, my son, who has gone to war!...To convert sinner!...To give back my health as I have tuberculosis!"

All  the afflictions of poor humanity were assembled there.  Some climbed up to the tops of trees and walls to see us go by, and shouted down to us.  Saying yes to some, giving a hand to others and helping them up from the dusty ground, we managed to move forward, thanks to some gentlemen who went ahead and opened a passage for us through the multitude.

Now, when I need the New Testament about those enchanting scenes of Our Lady's passing through Palestine, I think of those which Our Lord allowed me to witness, while yet a child, on the poor souls and lanes from Aljustrel to Fatima and on the Cova da Iria!  I give thanks to God, offering Him the faith of our good Portuguese people, I think:  "if these people so humbled themselves before three poor children, just because they were mercifully granted the grace to speak to the Mother of God, who would they not do if they saw Our Lord Himself in person before them?"

Well, none of this was called for here!  It was a distraction of my pen, leading me away where I did not mean to go.  But, never mind!  IT's just another useless digression.  I am not wearing it out, so as not to spoil the notebook.

At last, we arrived at the Cova da Iria, and on reaching the holmoak we began to say the Rosary with the people.  Shortly afterwards, we saw the flash of light, and then Our Lady appeared on the holmoak.  

"Continue to pray the Rosary in order to obtain the end of the war.  In October Our Lady will come, as well as Our Lady of Dolors and Our Lady of Carmel.   Saint Joseph will appear with your sacrifices.  He does not want you to sleep with the rope on, but only wear it during the day-time."

"I was told to ask you many things, the cure of some sick people, of a deaf-mute..."

"Yes, I will cure some, but not others.  In October I will perform a miracle so that all may believer."

Then Our Lady began to rise as usual, and disappeared.